5HS Alumni Association Grant Evaluation Form

As a recent SHS Alumni Grant Recipient, you are required to complete this short evaluation of your project by April 15, 2017. 

Any information you can share about your project in writing and through photographs would be greatly appreciated.  We will post some selected information on our website at www.shrewsburyalumni.org.

You can complete this form online and press the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the form or you can complete the form, print, and leave the printed form in the Alumni Association's mailbox at SHS. Please email photos of your funded project as a .jpg or .jpeg file to our WebMaster, Judith L. Donahue, jldonahue@townisp.com .

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What have you learned from this project?
Your goals and objectives were listed in your submitted application form (Section III (4)).
Describe how these were accomplished:
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Questions or comments:
Contact Janet Pope
SHS Alumni Grants Chairperson